Welcome to TradeLivestock.co.nz .. we round up all you need online in one easy to use website.

The concept for Tradelivestock started with Tradedeer.co.nz, proudly the largest and most comprehensive list of deer breeders and stud animals in New Zealand.

In easy to follow pages, information is laid out in a consistent format so you can compare breeders, individual animals and related services. Where additional information is available a direct link takes you to their websites for further information.

Choose the livestock class you are interested in; Deer, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, and other livestock like Horses and Alpaca. Follow a consistent left hand menu to view

  • Sales – We have standard sale listings to promote annual auctions and private treaty sales and a detailed sale listing that can be included in any sale listing to promote individual breeding animals, showing pedigree details and breeding data for each animal. A link can also be provided to promote any online auctions by linking the sales listing directly to the actual auction page on the online auction site.
  • Stud / Farm Profiles – Provide a comprehensive list of breeders, complete with all contact details and information about breeding programs with photos, and where available a list of their profiled animals. Studs / Farms can be searched on Name, Breed, what they are breeding for and what they are selling.
  • Animal Profiles – Give the breeding details of each animal, its species (in deer), Breed and pedigree details. Where pedigrees’ show an animal that has a profile, a direct link is provided so you can easily follow the breeding History. Relevant statistics and any achievements are also included. The details of each animal can be searched on Name, Sire, Dam, Breed, what the animal is being bred for and what is available for sale.
All the above listings follow a one page five photo format, with a photo and logo and 20 word introductions. When you click on the photo or logo, the page opens to provide one large and four small photos. All enlarge when clicked on and up to 150 words of additional information and additional details appear and can be viewed by scrolling down. Links appear on relating pages for all Stud/Farms profiled are linked to all animals and sales profiled by them.
  • Service Providers - Is a detailed listing of services relevant to the class of stock you are looking at. A one page two photo layout give details of services offered, contacts and links to supporting information, (like latest price lists, order forms and other related information). Where available a direct link is also provided to their website.
  • Events Calendar – The Calendar of events is a list of known events for that class of stock; sales, competitions, conferences, field days, focus farm events and the like are listed and where events relate to advertisers on the site a direct link is added to the event to provide further details.
  • Auction – Currently this is a link to a form to collect feedback from uses of the site on what experience they have had with online auctions. In time this will be a link to individual online auctions to assist in the promotion of what is available for sale for each class of stock.
  • About Us – Is what you are reading now and if you have any questions or would like to give us some feedback or would like more information about Tradelivestock or Tradedeer or any of the team please call me, Sharon Love (07) 332 3647 or (027)486 4341 or e-mail Tradedeer@xtra.co.nz.
  • Links – Is a page of links to associated websites that may also be of interest.
  • Contact us – Is an easy way to make contact directly from the website.
  • Weather – On the Deer website there is a direct link to the long range weather met service website.
  • Latest updates – For frequent uses of the site we have a page which lists in date order what has been updated since you last visited. This was created after some valuable feedback for one of our clients.
  • Log In and Register – You don’t have to register to view any part of the Tradelivestock websites. However if you would like to become an advertiser and update your own information you will need to register with us.

Advertising on TradeLivestock ...

TradeLivestock.co.nz is a dynamic marketing tool.

Our user friendly website offers an interesting and informative way for all farmers to promote and market the stock they produce. We also cater for service providers to the industry, where they can advertise their goods and services for the farmer.

TradeLivestock.co.nz is a tool that the industry can use as a directory for stock-related products and services, not only to provide a comprehensive database of studs and stud animals with a total breeding history, but to enable the industry and farmers as a whole to access this information. The site enables breeders and individuals to advertise themselves, their stock and services to the rest of the industry and the world.

Advertisers on the site are able to update their own listing data on easy-to-follow templates. Stud and animal profiles include five photos per profile which can be updated as many times as the advertiser wants.

We are committed to promoting TradeLivestock.co.nz for the benefit of our clients by advertising in industry related publications.

Advertisers on the site updating their own information just need to send an e-mail to let us know what you have updated to be included on the latest updates page.

Listings start from only $250 per annum.

Behind the idea ...

Tradedeer was the testing ground for an idea that forms a farming community online.

With a background in Marketing and working in a corporate environment for 15 years before spending 4 years hands on farming gave me the experience to realise that for farmers to use the internet as a tool it needed to be practical and to the point.

The Tradelivestock website has been designed with the same concept as Tradedeer with everything in the same format when looking at like items and the products and services all relate to the deer industry. It can be frustrating when search engines give you maybe 1 or 2 sites you want, but miss the other 20 that might appear on pages 20, 40 and 50 of the search. Also after developing a website you still have to market your web address so people can find you and take a lot of work to be in the first 10 pages of a Google search.

Tradedeer only gives you deer and deer related information and links. We have promoted the name and been active in the industry to be a recognised brand. The success of the site is proven its reach with statistics showing from Jan 2010 to 20th July 2010 the site has had 6095 visits from 1781 unique visitors with them spending on average 5.47 mins per visit. Considering the deer industry would have only have about 2500 active farmers that is a significant reach. With over 4600 breeding deer on the database and more than 300 profiled animals we have also created an important research tool for the future of New Zealand Deer farming.

In time we aim for Tradelivestock to deliver the same for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats and Other livestock like Horses, Alpaca, and Poultry etc.

Meet Team TradeLivestock ...

Sharon Love – Director and Major Shareholder

Rural Website Marketer and founder of Tradedeer and Tradelivestock from Rotorua - While deer farming for 4 years from 2003 with parents Don and Liz Love- Deer Trophy Breeders from Rotorua, the concept for Tradedeer was born. Many hours chatting to Dad of how “Love Red Deer “could be better promoted and cut down some of the commissions paid along the way.

With a background of 15 years in the corporate world in marketing and administration roles, and a year at culinary school getting even more of a passion for cooking venison, I had all the right ingredients to get an industry website off the ground.

While farming I served 2 years in an elected position on the Executive Committee of the NZ Deer Farmers Association and was Secretary and member of Rotorua Branch of NZDFA.

SharonI have been an integral part of redeveloping, and running the National Rising stars Hard antler and velvet competition held in February for the last 4 years and Tradedeer has supported both the North Island and National competitions since our launch in October 07.

April 2009 saw a change of direction when the farming business restructured giving me the opportunity to develop the Tradedeer concept to include other forms of livestock.

I hit the road with a caravan in tow and visited most of my deer clients in the country. From the experience and feedback Tradelivestock developed and expanded to now include individual website development. We now offer a one stop shop for your rural online presence.

During November 2009 I worked with Terry Peirson from SCI New Zealand to bring training to deer farmers involved in the trophy industry in both the north and south island. Together with Hub Hall Master Measurer and Deer Farmer, developed a Deer Farmer Measurers manual to allow the measuring of live animals under the SCI system.

I now live in Rotorua with Cassie the dog, Toska and George the cats and work full time on the websites from home. I am committed to bringing the livestock industry an easy way to find what they are looking for online, and provide a cost effective tool for the industry to use to market products and services to their target markets. Bob

Bob Atkinson – Director and Shareholder

Deer Farmer and Stud Breeder from Cambridge – with over 25 years experience farming deer both here in New Zealand and in England. I have a passion for breeding both huge velvet and impressive trophy heads and have invested extensively in the best deer genetics from within NZ.

I am a keen badminton player, I have travelled most of the world and as you can see I also enjoy fishing!

I have been involved with Tradedeer since its launch and share my knowledge as a farmer and livestock buying in its development.

Rebecca Manahi - Administration


Office Manager from September 07 to December 08 and Sharon’s sister from Rotorua. After spending 22 years working in administration roles in the timber industry, I was given the opportunity to join Team TradeLivestock. Not only did I get an office in the country, but I had the chance to meet a lot of new and interesting people whilst learning about a totally new industry.

The rural lifestyle is not for everyone and after 15 months I decided to go back to what I know best, the timber industry. I met some great people and put in the long hours on the keyboard inputting most of 4,000 + animals that make up the deer database and the foundation information for the Tradelivestock website.

Our Involvement with Rotorua SPCA

Lass AfterWhile at the farm both Sharon and Rebecca were involved with the Rotorua SPCA.

Lass BeforeWe were approached in February 2008 to foster an old heading dog called Lass that had been terribly neglected and was basically a bag of bones when we got her. Our success with her lead to being asked to foster tow more very skinny neglected dogs that went back to the SPCA for adoption.

Lass unfortunately passed away in July 08, after being diagnosed with cancer. She was a real joy to have around the place and even taught Cassie a thing or two about rounding up sheep. We are happy that her last 5 months were a well earned comfortable retirement.

Lass just before she came to live with us, (pictured right) weighed just 9.5kg! And (pictured left) was a healthy 18kgs. She now gets to live on in the logo for Tradelivestock, doing what all good dogs do and make farm life a bit easier.

All details and descriptions on the website have been supplied to Tradedeer.co.nz Ltd and Tradelivestock by studs, farms, individuals and service providers by means of written information, individual’s websites and/or sales catalogue information. Although every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, Tradedeer.co.nz Ltd and their employees do not accept any responsibility as to incorrect descriptions, errors, omissions or incorrect statements contained within the website, including those incorrect descriptions, errors, omissions, or incorrect statements caused either directly or indirectly by the negligence of Tradedeer.co.nz Ltd or their employees.

Tradelivestock to Trade Livestock.
Tradelivestock offers a comprehensive website of just rural information with a focus on breeders of Deer, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Horses, Alpaccas, Goats and any farmed or raised animal. Web site links and detailed stud animal pedigrees and breeding in New Zealand. Tradelivestock is an easy way to find what you are looking for online, and provides a cost effective tool for the Livestock industry to use to market products and services.
Livestock for Sale
Detailed and general sales listings of breeding and commercial stock. Direct link and information from breeders, farmers selling livestock and also agent selling breeding stock or commercial livestock.
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tradedeer was the development site for what we now offer for Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Horses, Alpaccas and any other farm or raised breeding animals.
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